About Us

Your Success is Ours

Every organization has its own unique journey. That’s why our team of business lawyers are dedicated to helping business owners achieve and maintain sustainable success.

We are the go-to business lawyers of Los Angeles and put integrity first in the service of our clients. Our attorneys have extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes, from small blossoming start-ups to corporate powerhouses.

Whether you started your business decades ago or your business is just ready to take flight, we are here for you with top-quality legal help.

We are based in LA business lawyers but can assist you with your legal needs anywhere in the world.

Clients We Serve

The Venture Lawyer assists clients in various industries, including manufacturing, housing, information technology, entertainment, and digital media. Our clients include privately-owned businesses, emerging growth companies, and entrepreneurs in various markets. We strive to align our services to our clients’ business goals. Bringing focused strategies to legal issues with commercial transactions is what we do best.

Our client base is diverse in size, industry, and geography. Our broad knowledge enables us to serve our clients’ unique commercial and contracting needs, regardless of the location or type of business.

How We Practice

We serve as personal attorneys on individual deals and general counselors on a wide variety of business issues. Our attorneys use a personalized approach to every case and a flexible billing model. This can be hourly, contingency, or a flat fee, depending on needs and preferences.

Our goal is to provide an affordable, tailored approach to legal representation. We counsel clients on every business contract, deal, and negotiation, enabling them to focus on where their CEO-level work takes them. Wherever you are in the world, we can work with you and provide the legal or business assistance you need most.

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